Client Comments

Opening Up

"I found the support at Cruse to be very helpful as I was listened to and given the chance to open up to someone about my feelings and emotions which I hadn't done to anyone in nearly 7 years! I've come away with a clearer view on how to deal with my grief and how to manage it better in the future.  All aspects were positive.  Thanks. "

Not forgotten

"Initially, before counselling appointments, every couple of weeks a courtesy call to see how I was, to let me know that I had not been forgotten and to chat about how I was doing.  I found this very helpful.  The actual counselling was helpful too, good that someone actually has given their time when others i.e. family, have not got time."


"My bereavement volunteer was very supportive. I didn't realise until I spoke to her how much was bottled up inside that was coming out in different ways. Thank you for helping me focus this and move forward. I'm not there yet, but getting there."


"My bereavement volunteer was such a wonderful and compassionate person, to the point that you found yourself thinking of her as a friend.  She would always understand and try to point you in the right direction. Made me realise I need to give myself more "me" time."

Not Alone

"Having the sessions made me realise I am not alone and what I was feeling was OK and normal, which put me at ease.  Having guidance/being challenged with my thoughts (which were mostly negative) was very helpful in order to change and become more positive.  I was given very useful advice in which direction to go after my sessions which was very much appreciated."

Feeling Safe

"My volunteer was excellent. He made me feel very safe but also allowed me to open up about lots of things.  He was very professional, yet extremely sincere.  The balance really worked for me. An excellent service.  Thank you!"