When Someone Dies

Responding to Death

How you respond to a death or a bereaved person will be very individual and personal. These are some of the things people often say when someone dies. They may help you to feel that you are not completely alone, or to understand what someone you know is going through. 

"I Can't Believe It"

It may take you a long time to grasp what has happened. Some people carry on as if nothing has happened. It is hard to believe that someone important is not coming back.

"Why Did It Have To Happen?"

Death can seem cruel and unfair, especially when you feel someone has died before their time or when you had plans for the future together.

"I Feel So Depressed, Life Has No Meaning, I Can't Go On"

Many people say there are times after a death when they feel there is nothing worth living for and they feel like ending it all.

"They Said I'd Be Over It In A Few Months"

Many people find it takes much longer to learn to cope without someone to love.

Needing Help & Support

Grief is a natural process but it can be devastating. Most people will cope with help and support from family and friends. For those who need additional help, we offer free confidential support for adults, children and young people.